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AnaGram Parser Generator: Selected Examples

Some of the examples on this page are also included with the set of examples in the AnaGram trial copy download. All AnaGram examples and links are presented in the hope that they will be useful to AnaGram users, but with no warranty.


  • A simple four function calculator

    ffcalc.syn implements a simple four function calculator which evaluates arithmetic expressions and assignment statements and prints the results to stdout. Among other features, ffcalc supports the free use of white space and C style comments in the input.

    The code on the ffcalc web page has been annotated, with line numbers at the right which are not part of the AnaGram syntax. The line numbers have links to explanatory notes following the code.

    ffcalc is included in the AnaGram trial copy download.

  • Expression evaluation

    evaluateExpression is a convenient freeware utility for parsing and evaluating arithmetic expressions at runtime. You can use it, for example, to evaluate expressions read from data files or configuration files or expressions entered directly by users.

  • XIDEK: Extensible Interpreter Development Kit

    The XIDEK kit is aimed at software developers who want to write an interpreter, perhaps for a domain specific language, script language, or other "little language". It examines alternative approaches to the design of the language and the interpreter and provides specific examples of interpreters, showing how they can be customized, with source code and full documentation.

  • A Java Parser

    This page shows the .syn file but not the Unicode prescan, lexer, and class definitions for the abstract syntax tree which would be used in conjunction with it.

  • Aglaophone:
    A system for real-time analysis and processing of sound

    Aglaophone is a system of interconnectable modules for the recording, processing, and playback of real-time audio. A download and further information are available at

  • White Paper

    This paper, available on the Web here, has good observations on the benefits of grammar-based programming. This paper describes the old DOS version of AnaGram - AnaGram's user interface has been greatly improved!

    An appendix to the paper provides an example of "systematic exploratory programming" - how you can easily "grow" a parser to deal with an input file whose format is partly unknown or has unexpected complexities.

Disclaimer of warranty: AnaGram examples and documentation are provided "as is". Parsifal Software disclaims all expressed and implied warranties with regard to such examples and documentation, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The user assumes the entire risk of using the examples and documentation.

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