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What Users Are Saying About AnaGram...

"The parsers I have written are working great, and it was easy (thanks to you)... AnaGram totally rocks.. This really is a great tool you have written. The UI makes all the difference." E. S.
"Thank you very much for all your help with the parser I sent you... everything seems to work... so far everything looks great." C. R.
"It took me ten minutes to spec out a script grammar using AnaGram; I should have a working prototype within a few hours. Gods, what joy!" G. L. S.
"I am enjoying your documentation... very well done." H. S.
"I finally tried 2.01 and it works great! Thanks for the advance version!" S. B.
"OK, I got a grammar that can parse my input file... It is amazing to me how simple it is." M. S.
"Our use of AnaGram has greatly enhanced our ability to deliver powerful solutions to our customers, using a development approach that would normally be overlooked by our competition. AnaGram gives us a competitive advantage, because it allows us to deliver applications in far less time than would be required using traditional programming techniques." A. G.
"I'd be happy to share our experience with AnaGram... I'll preface this by saying that I don't know anyone (at Parsifal Software) personally, so I have no incentive to exaggerate anything. I say this because my recommendation is going to be outrageously positive...
"(AnaGram has) become a critical part of our product, which now contains four different parsers... Our application is built around the fourth parser, which allows users to "program" our components by creating expressions that specify relationships and actions among the different components. This is essential to our technology, because we have a large number of COM objects that can communicate with each other in many different ways. Had we chosen to implement this without a text-based syntax, our code would be error-prone, inextensible, slow, and bloated. We have integrated Anagram syntaxes in our development environment seamlessly...

"I have no need to become a parser guru, I just need the functionality. This is the only tool that presented parser technology with an eye for application developers. It is the only complete product I've seen. The others seem to be mostly vehicles for their designers to compare each others' PhD dissertations on parsing...

"My experience is that once I get a working grammer specified, everything works exactly as I expect, and it's very easy to extend the functionality. The changes you have to make to support this type of system tend to be localized and as such, don't cause any unexpected side effects...

"There is thorough documentation on the specifics of Anagram, as well as a great discussion of general parsing theory. And with the tech support, you won't ever have an unanswered question...

"I would recommend that you stop shopping around and build your parser with AnaGram. I hope that the time I spent shopping around can redeem itself by helping other application developers avoid wasting the time that I did."

E. O.

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