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We regret to announce that owing to the death of Jerome T. Holland
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The AnaGram Parser Generator

Here's how it works: You create a set of rules, a grammar, that describes the input to your computer program. You can try the grammar right away interactively, without writing code, using AnaGram's to File Trace pageFile Trace and to Grammar Trace pageGrammar Trace. Then attach C or C++ code to the rules, and tell AnaGram to build a parser for you.

The parser is a C/C++ function that parses text according to the rules in your grammar and, as it matches rules, calls your code to deal with them. Using a grammar means you get faster development, easier modification and maintainability, and fewer bugs in your software. You use an easy-to-understand description of input instead of bug-prone, fragile, branching code. You make the rules, and AnaGram makes a parser for your input.

AnaGram Makes It Easy!

AnaGram is explicitly designed to be easy to use, with a powerful notation for representing grammars, so you can write grammars fast.

Since AnaGram takes care of all the complex parsing logic, you'll get programs up and running quickly. You won't need all that heavily nested conditional logic where bugs love to hide.

Moreover, program maintenance becomes much easier. Not only can you work from a description, but certain of AnaGram's special features make it particularly easy to modify grammars. When the time comes to make improvements to your programs, AnaGram will still be helping you.

AnaGram has an interactive environment equipped with unique, highly capable tools for visual debugging, viewing and testing of grammars and parsers. Now, you can put the powerful technique of syntax directed parsing to work, to speed development of projects both large and small.

The C/C++ parser module generated by AnaGram from your description can be compiled on virtually any platform. By incorporating the parser into a DLL, you can even use it in Delphi or Visual Basic programs.

About AnaGram 2.01:

AnaGram 2.01 runs on Win32 platforms. AnaGram generates ANSI compatible platform independent C or C++ code. No runtime libraries are required. A single user commercial license costs US$495 including shipping. Contact Parsifal for further information.

Use AnaGram For: keyboard input, database queries, script languages, configuration files, file translators, domain specific languages, interpreters, compilers...

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